Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available upon request. However, since we do not own wheelchair accessible vehicles, reservations for such must be done 72 hours in advance to give us ample time to rent one. The service comes with a 4 hour minimum hire at $100/hour. If you simply need wheelchair assistance (i.e., help into the vehicle and help loading and unloading your wheelchair into the back of the vehicle) standard reservation times apply (as little as 2 hours in advance), and the charge is for an SUV. If you are already hiring an SUV there is no difference in price for this service.


How to Report Complaints

To report complaints to the City of Dallas (Ord. 29696) call 3-1-1

More information on how to report complaints to the City of Dallas

Zero Tolerance Policy:

J&E Private Drivers has a zero-tolerance policy for any and all legal and illegal substances that impair judgment, motor skills or behavior in any way. Further, J&E Private Drivers is owner operated. We do not have employees and have no plans to hire. While other companies reserve the right to random drug tests on any employee in order to protect their business, we, as the owners, are in a unique position to protect our business by being smart and never using substances in the first place. We understand the link between substance use and our reputation in the community & our ability to continue operating as a for-hire service. Therefore we place ourselves under the strictest of zero-tolerance for intoxicating substances including, but not limited to, alcohol and drug use (SEC. 47A-2.1.6). We happily comply with the City of Dallas regulation since it is tied to our ability to continue operating our service, but have determined to far exceed the standards of that policy by abstaining from alcohol altogether for any period in which a trip may take place less than 24 hours in the future. While the regulation above sets the minimum standard for this policy, our policy is to stay as far away from the legal limitations as possible to keep our customers and clientele 100% secure.

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