Economic Update

Dear friends, customers and clients,

I am pleased to say that Mike and I are one of the few independent small limo businesses in Fort Worth to survive this artificial economic downturn. At this time the bars are still closed, restaurants are low capacity and air travel is limited. Needless to say, things are not as they were. Yet, thanks to our great clients in DFW and a growing web-presence, we have bounced back to nearly 40% of pre-lockdown business (as of August 5) and have high confidence that we will continue to be here for you for the long run. I understand that there is very little reason to get out at this time, but if you do travel or attend private parties locally (or you know someone who is), don’t hesitate to call (or share). We’re here.

Below are some brief bullet points outlining how we will be doing business moving forward and how you can help secure the continued availability of our service.

How we are doing business:

  • Standard Cleaning: Cleaning of the vehicles will continue as it was in years past. Cleaned, vacuumed, but no harsh chemicals will be used. If you prefer the use of industrial sanitizers, let me know when you book and I will see if I can arrange travel for you with an associate that I trust.  


  • Masks are optional: If you feel that it is necessary for your own protection, please do wear one. And if you would like your driver to wear a mask, please mention it at the time of booking.


  • We do Long Distance: If you don't like being forced to wear a mask on a hot plane, we can drive you to Waco, Austin, Houston, or anywhere else within a 4-6 hour radius. No mask required, cold air conditioned private vehicles. 


How you can help:

  • New Driver: Before the lockdown I acquired a third vehicle for the fleet. As business comes back, I will activate that vehicle with a new driver behind the wheel, Jason Applegate. That means we are willing and able to take on new clients and adopt those who may have lost their driver in the last few months. All without reducing our availability for you. So, please share J&E with your friends who might be looking for a driver.


  • Our Network Abroad: At this time I am uncertain of the status of our network locally and abroad. So, if you are traveling and want me to arrange a pickup on the other end, I will have to verify we have a trusted driver there first. Thanks for understanding.


  • Rebuilding the Network: Also, if you meet a driver while traveling that you think is good, please grab a business card so that we can establish a new relationship. This will help improve our coordination services to everyone who travels, and rebuild the connectivity that we may have lost.


If you have any questions please ask. I know everyone has a different take on the nature of COVID and this temporary new way of life, and there may not be one universal way of providing service like there was in the past. Just be vocal about your needs and we will do our best to accommodate each unique situation.


Thank you,

Jeff Hronchek, Owner
J&E Private Drivers

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