"Unlike limo services, we keep our vehicles close at hand 24/7 for fast responses and short-notice scheduling. We can do that because each driver owns and maintains his own vehicle. As a result, we consistently deliver limo-quality service with less than 2-hours of notice. If you drop a customer at the airport, then call us, we can be at the airport to receive them before they land." 

Jeff Hronchek,

J&E Private Drivers, Owner


Private Drivers Inc. is a network of such companies


Imagine the Possibilities

When you have a booking you can't take, you farm it out to a trusted driver in your network, right?

What if you had a trusted driver at every airport in the country? What if every time you dropped off at the airport, you were just one call or text away from having that customer received by someone you trust at their destination? What if each time you did that, you earned $10-20 from the other driver as a thank you for the business? And what if you earned another $70+ when drivers from other cities sent their customers to you?

The Network

I'm Jeff (left), an owner-operated black car service out there hustling to make a living like everyone else. I am searching for other owner-operated black car services at US airports nationwide to be an early part of Private Drivers Inc.; a multi-city network of independent black car drivers.

Mike and I already have DFW covered. But, are you the right team to serve our customers when they travel to your city? Can we be the right service for your customers when they come to DFW?

What Is PDI?

Private Drivers Inc. is a reciprocal network. Simply put, it is a group of independent black car drivers and services from various US airports who refer passengers to each other instead of leaving those passengers to find their own way. We have a gentlemen's agreement to show one another favoritism when referring rides, and priority when receiving them. Our mission is to reduce the number of customers who are forced to rely on ride-sharing when they land at an unfamiliar airport. 

How PDI Works

The group is hosted on Google Sheets and lists each driver's essential information. This way, everyone has access to everyone. If you become a member, the moderator gives you access to view the sheet, which you can do by downloading the Google Sheets app and logging in with your gmail address.

When you take one of your own customers to the airport, first find out which airport they are flying to. Then open the Private Drivers Inc document on your Google Sheets app, find that airport, and call/text the driver who serves that airport. If he is available, he will receive your customer when they land. If he is not available, he will find a driver locally from his trusted network and send them to meet your customer. Our goal is for this list to reach 50 up to 100+ contacts in the next year making it an invaluable resource for all of us.

What are its Pros/Cons?

As a member, you'll get mobile access to a growing database of like-minded drivers and driving services outside of your market enabling you to profit on your customers' travels and also profit on ride-share passengers who let you arrange their arrival on the other end. Additionally, you get to be the only driving service from your city to be on the list ensuring you get rides from the rest of the network when their customers travel into your city!


The only stipulation to this is that you have to be the gatekeeper to other drivers in your city. If you get multiple reservations, you have to be able to re-distribute the ones you can't do personally, ensuring those customers are with quality drivers comparable to yourself. 

How Pricing Works

When you are invited to the network, submit a sample rate for your city (i.e., from the airport to down-town). Your rate should be competitive, but still high enough that other drivers in your local network will respond when you offer them work at that price. This is called a "Farm-In" rate. 

We will post those sample farm-in rates on the Google Sheet so that non-local drivers don't have to call you each time they need an estimate.


The referring driver, then, should quote his customer a higher price so that there is a margin built in for his referral fee. That way, you keep 100% of what you need to make for that trip.

How Payment Works

Payment is direct between drivers. There is no 3rd party involved.


If you are the type of service to have a credit card on file for your customer, you can treat this as any local farm-out. Simply charge your client for their trip, then pay the other driver via Zelle, Venmo, Cash app, or a credit card for the trip they performed with your client.

If you do not have a card on file, the other driver will collect and should pay you a referral fee as a thank-you for the business. Again, that referral fee can be sent through Zelle, Venmo, Cash app, or a credit card in a direct payment. There is no 3rd party involvement in your transaction. 

How You Make Money

You make money in 4 ways: 


  • Charge your customer more than the other driver charges you, and keep the difference


  • Refer passengers to a driver at a receiving airport, ask him to collect and send you a referral fee.

  • Get a ride to the airport through a ride-share service or from a hotel bellman and refer that rider to a driver where they will land (for a referral fee). 


  • Receive farm-ins and referrals from other drivers whose customers are traveling in to your city and earn money by driving


  • Pad your own schedule with as much business as you can handle, then distribute the rest to your trusted local network. If you can re-sell the trip a few dollars lower without sacrificing quality, keep the difference. 

How To Earn Your Spot

There are no fees to be part of Private Drivers Inc., but you do have to be a driver outside of DFW, and demonstrate comparable flexibility, quality, local connectivity, and business integrity.


Speed & Flexibility

Be able to get yourself or someone else to the airport within 2 hours of receiving an inbound call.


Quality & Communication

Have standards worthy of black car service. Ensure your local network holds those standards as well.


Strong Local Network

Be able to increase your capacity as volume increases. Have strong administrative skills.


Business Integrity

Never undercut another driver or attempt to gain their customer's direct business.

If that describes you, or if you have any questions, call or text Jeff at 817-730-8764, or email Provide your name, email, phone number, city and state and he will be in touch.


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Created by Jeff Hronchek