"Unlike traditional limo services, each of our drivers keeps a vehicle at his own residence. As a result, we consistently deliver limo-quality service with less than 2-hours of notice. If you drop a customer at the airport, then call us, we can be at the airport to receive them before they land, without breaking a sweat!" 

I'm looking to invest in companies who want to do this, too!

Jeff Hronchek,

J&E Private Drivers, Owner

The Vision

One of the greatest forces in nature is the will of an independent business owner seeking a comfortable living for his family. We independent drivers are some of the best and hardest working drivers in the world. Limo companies, for example, underpay and only attract drivers who tow the line. Meanwhile, we bend over backwards for our customers. So why do the big companies have most of the corporate accounts and other high-paying customers while we seem to get the scraps?

Two words "Visibility" and "Value."

Visibility: People don't know how to find an independent driver who has no website, no online listings, and who doesn't rank on the first page of Google.

Value: As talented and fast-responding as you are behind the wheel, that's only about 25% of what customers need in a driving service. They also need 1) the assurance they feel from working with a large team, 2) to know there is a specialist on the team to securely handle financial transactions and scheduling, and 3) to have a local service that can provide connections all across the country as they travel. 

Falling short in both visibility and overall value is a major handicap for independent operators and small local companies. But I have the solution. 

J&E Signature Service

In Fort Worth, TX, I have done the impossible. In a market where limo companies are downsizing, and independent drivers are just hanging on by a thread, I doubled my business from $100,000 per vehicle to $200,000 in one year by changing one small thing. You can read about it here on my Signature Service page. My model is revolutionary because it is cost-saving to the company, and it fills in "value-gaps" for customers making it significantly more appealing than both large companies and independent operators (as my results prove). Not only does this mean you can charge more compared to other independent operators, it also means customers will be happy to pay it and will pay it more often just to be able to work with you in more circumstances!

Why We Need Each Other

When I have a booking I can't take, I farm it out to a trusted driver in my network, right? We all do this. But customers don't always stay local. This is the travel industry, after all. And being confined to a small geography is a significant handicap compared to nationally available options like Uber, Limo companies, Affiliate Network companies and more. 

But what if you had a Signature driver at every airport in the country? What if every time you dropped off at the airport, you were just one call or text away from having your customer received by someone who serves them just like you do? What if each time you did that, you earned $10-20 from the other driver as a thank you for the business while he kept the other $70-80? And what if you earned another $70-80 when he sent his customers to you, while he kept $10-20 for the referral?


Answer? You would both have more volume and be earning more on your existing clientele! Now multiply that by every major airport in the US and you are suddenly free from low paying platforms like Blacklane Limos, UberBlack and GroundLink. 

It's a big country, and our customers travel a lot! That's a lot of money that you and I leave on the table by being isolated in our tiny local markets. And that's a lot of money that your own customers are forced to spend on Uber and other Affiliate Networks because you are not offering them a national option.

The Deal

Assuming you are a legitimate private driving service with limo permits, decals, commercial insurance, etc., and assuming you can meet the Signature requirements, the only other criteria for being part of my Signature network is that you must be willing to work for less than market rates so that the driver sending you the business can also make money when you drive his client. The ability to make money when your clients travel is the only reason a driver would bother to make arrangements and set their client up with you. But, you get to make money when you reciprocate and send your client to them. So, it all evens out. 

Jeff: 817-730-8764 or

How Branding Works

Unlike Uber, GroundLink, Blacklane Limos or a dozen other affiliate networks, you actually keep your own brand. J&E Signature Service is not a transportation company. It's more like a product that your private service offers. When customers see"XYZ Limos, now offering J&E Signature Service" they still see your company first. But they will also understand that you do business a specific way; a way that they will be thrilled to experience! 

Adding this logo to your business card is absolutely not a requirement, but someday it will be beneficial to be known as a Signature Service. 

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Created by Jeff Hronchek