J&E Signature Service is what happens when you dismantle a limo company and reassemble it as a series of interconnected one-man operations. It combines the flexibility and personal touch of an owner operated service with the reliability and resourcefulness of a major limo company.

To create our signature service, we start with better drivers (most limo companies only pay enough to attract part-time workers or retirees who are supplementing social security). So, first we create a sizable opportunity to attract proactive career-minded people. Next, we offer those drivers extra portions of each fare to fill back-office functions (instead of paying that fee to a separate office worker). This gives them a better relationship with you as a client so that they can serve you more intuitively when it matters. Last, we give up the garage lease in favor of parking a car at each driver’s home. In the end, your driver (also your account manager) stays happier and more energized by enjoying more family time between trips while also being able to personally deliver late-notice reservations for you at the drop of a hat. And the best part? The price isn't higher! It's actually lower than major limo companies for most services. 

Instead of being driven by a front-line employee who just follows orders, try working with a manager who is also a driver. That way, the person authorized to make changes and handle unique requests is right there for you in the front seat. No need to navigate a complex automated phone menu, fill out a long online form, download yet another app, or even work around office hours. Just call or text your “guy on the inside” at any time, and it's done.

If you have a chance, please check out our reviews on Google or take a look at this article about us in Madeworthy Magazine from September 2019 (below). And if you have any questions or just want to say hello, feel free to call me at 817-730-8764.
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Jeff Hronchek
J&E Private Drivers, Owner/President

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